CNaVT: Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language

The CNaVT (Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language) is developed by Centre for Language and Education at the University of Leuven. These examinations are held worldwide. Students and other people looking to prove efficiency in Dutch language can write these examinations. CNaVT offers Five Examinations. A candidates can write anyone or all Dutch Language examinations to acquire Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language. If you are willing to study, live or work in a Dutch-speaking environment then chose one of the following CNaVT Examinations:
  1. Social Informal ( INFO ) – A2: For those who want to demonstrate they can manage in informal everyday situations.
  2. Social Formal ( FORM ) – B1: For those who want to demonstrate they can manage independently in more formal contexts in the Dutch or Flemish society.
  3. Business Professional ( PROF ) – B2: For those who need Dutch in an occupational context, more specifically in healthcare and administration.
  4. Educational Start Competent ( STRT ) – B2: For those who would like to start a study at a Flemish or Dutch institution of higher education.
  5. Educational Professional ( EDUP ) – C1: For those who want to demonstrate they can manage in education or business and therefore need Dutch language skills on a high level.
The CNaVT is a paper-based examination and consists of three parts. 
  • Part A the candidate has to listen and write. 
  • In part B reading and writing proficiency are tested. 
  • Part C is the oral part of the exam.
Part A and B are tested in a classroom setting, while in part C the examiner and the candidate have a one-to-one conversation.

You can write CNaVT Examination in First Half of May Every Year. Exams are delivered worldwide via CNaVT Partners.

Register for CNaVT: Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language go to official website
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