Selecting the Right Study Programme in the Netherlands

For admission to higher education programmes, students need to be alert about  the choices on offer. Based on whether students want to go in for practical as against academic courses, they can choose universities for applied sciences or research universities. Students must also be clear about whether higher education programmes meet their stated needs and requirements 

Admission Requirements for Higher Education in Holland

To gain admittance into higher education programmes in the Netherlands, students first need to contact the institutions which offer a particular programme. The institutions provide information regarding the application procedure and admission requirements. Students can also check how their diploma compares to others on the Nuffic website. The important requirement for the admission is as follows:
  •  For bachelor’s programmes, students must have a secondary school diploma at the appropriate level, which is established and set by the institution. For certain fields and courses, there is a restricted number of places and quotas are in place.
  •  Arts study programmes have their own requirements.
  • For master’s degree programmes, students must possess a bachelor’s degree of equivalent qualification.

Language Requirements for Admission to Higher Education in the Netherlands

If students are going in for English medium courses at Dutch educational institutions, they must read as well as speak and write English well and passed an English language test. IELTS and TOEFL are some of the commonly accepted tests. For Dutch medium programmes, students must pass the Dutch NL2 examination. Language requirements for individual courses can be found in the database of international study programmes.Sometimes, students may also have to complete preparatory year of education in order to become eligible for the course they wish to pursue in Holland. When a student applies to a Dutch educational institution, the latter tests and evaluates your diploma for equivalence through the Nuffic. 

Nuffic is the Dutch National Academic Recognition Information Centre for determination of the equivalence of foreign diplomas in higher as well as, general secondary level education. In house experts from this educational body have data about comparing and determining equivalence of education systems of various countries as against the Dutch educational system.

A foreign diploma is compared to a Dutch diploma and on the basis of this, the prior study programme’s equivalence to the current course requirements is tested. The authenticity of the diploma as well as study programme or educational institution is recognised by Nuffic. 

Financial Requirements Plus Preparation

Students should also be aware of how much expenses will be incurred when they arrive at Holland. Daily expenses encompass food, public transport, books, cinema tickets and clothes as well. The costs for housing and insurance also need to be taken into account and students living as well as studying in this country for one year can expect to spend between € 800 to 1,100  per month.

Housing costs average around € 300 to 600  per month, according to this official study portal. One third of student income from scholarships or other financing means goes towards housing. The cost is based on the city where one studies and it includes rents and arrangements made by the institutions. Housing in smaller towns is less costly. Many of the higher educational institutions offer hot meals at decent prices including eetcafes. Study in Holland says an average cup of coffee or tea costs €2  while a cheese sandwich adds up to  € 3. In a typical student restaurant, dinner is close to € 10 . 

The remaining portion of the student income goes towards books. leisure, travel and other costs. For a single fare in the city, bus tickets cost around €2  and discount cards for train tickets cut costs by as much as 40%, while cinema tickets cost around €11.50 and student discounts are available here as well. Many art and cultural centres as well as travel, shopping centres and museums provide discounts on ISIC or International Student Identity Cards. 


Holland is a wonderful educational destination. But students need to be prepared mentally as well as, financially to handle all aspects of education here. The Netherlands is the perfect choice for those who want quality, affordable education.      
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