Health Insurance for International Students in Netherlands

Students need to ensure that they are properly insured at the time of their stay in the Netherlands. You have to take out  healthcare insurance depending upon the personal situation. It is also important to assess the kind of healthcare insurance one needs. Other types of insurance are equally useful during the stay in the Netherlands.

Different Types of Insurance for International Students in Netherlands/Holland

Liability insurance is useful for those who want to ensure that they can safeguard their interests in the event of any accident. Repatriation  insurance is ideal for those who want their cost of return to home country in the event of ill health insured. Household contents insurance covers contents of property against loss due to theft, fire or water damage. Insurance packages can also be purchased containing various kinds of insurance. 

Healthcare Insurance for International Students in Netherlands / Holland

Students in Holland must have healthcare insurance. The kind of healthcare insurance chosen depends upon the personal situation. Three different types of insurance cover exist for students including Dutch public healthcare insurance, EU Health Insurance Card or private insurance. Students who are in the Netherlands for study purposes alone who are 30 years or above and their stay in the country is permanent need to take out the Dutch public healthcare insurance. In case you are younger as well, but the stay is permanent, the same kind of healthcare insurance can be taken. For those whose stay is not permanent can take out an EU Health Insurance Card if they are from the EU.

Those who have to take out the Dutch public healthcare insurance or  zorgverzekering, must purchase insurance from any Dutch public healthcare insurance firm. You should check with your school, employer or internship provider for referrals to an insurance company which will provide the discount. Dutch public healthcare insurance only provides coverage for medical expenses. Take out separate repatriation insurance as well as liability insurance. Those who take out Dutch public healthcare insurance are eligible for compensation for insurance costs, which is referred to as healthcare allowance /zorgtoeslag. Students who are required to take out public healthcare insurance may get a fine if they do not do so. 

EU Health Insurance Card for EU/EEA/Swiss International Students

Holland has health insurance treaties with numerous other nations. This includes EU nations and Switzerland. Students who are EU/EEA/Swiss citizens studying in Holland, yet not working or completing the internship here can can take a national health insurance policy at home for covering their stay in the country. The insurance company can issue them with a European Health Insurance Card/EHIC. Those who do not work or complete paid internship in the Netherlands are not required to take out additional insurance in the Netherlands. More details about EHIC can be had from the website of the European Commission.

Private Healthcare Insurance for International Students in Netherlands/Holland

Those who are not EU/EEA/Swiss nationals and do not have to pursue internship or complete studies in Holland should check if existing insurance covers their stay in Holland. They should also check if their home country has a global treaty with Holland. In the event of absence of such situations, a new special policy for the stay in Holland must be taken out.


Healthcare insurance and other types of insurance are required by international healthcare students in Holland. Dutch public healthcare insurance is only available for students under certain circumstances. Students from EU/EEA/Switzerland can opt for EU Health Insurance Cards. Private insurance is the only option for those who do not fall into any of the other groups. 
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