An International Perspective on Holland as a Study Destination

One of the most important things Holland contributes by way of skills is an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit; this is true of its educational institutions as well. Holland is the birthplace of Nobel Prize winners and it is birth place of some noted scientists and artists not to mention thinkers and leaders. The Netherlands is the first nation in Europe to offer English medium study programmes. Students are motivated to think creatively and innovatively beyond usual solutions. Conventional solutions and methodologies apart, students in Holland are encouraged to think in ways that are creative. Dutch students have room to execute a numerous projects which are scientific and innovative. Optimising available resources is the characteristic of people from the Netherlands. Dutch scientists have created new techniques for reclaiming land and creating artificial islands which are used all over the world.

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Holland is the birthplace of numerous Nobel Prize winners in fields such as medicine, economic, physics and chemistry.  This country is also a free port for international students. Nobel laureates Marie Curie and Andre Geim also conducted research in the Netherlands. The famous Erasmus Mundus scholarship acquires its name from famous Dutch philosopher plus humanist Desiderius Erasmus. Following completion of the studies in Holland, Erasmus also became a European scholar of repute. 

The Netherlands is one of the most creative and innovative nations in the world. Lecturers at these Dutch world famous institutions are known for challenging students and encouraging them to come up with new thought processes. New ideas can be acquired and innovation is the buzzword at Holland. Innovation and creativity are the core of Dutch education plus they can adapt easily to new cultures and methods of working. The Netherlands is also the birthplace of many fashion designers, advertising professional, ICT workers and artists. 

Holland is also an architectural and cultural centre. It has substantial number of museums displaying work by new painters as well as masters such as Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn. Dutch higher educational institutions also have linkages with companies and they offer quality internships for students who want to acquire job skills.

Holland’s Share Per Se in the World Education

Studying in the Netherlands means entry into a global and multicultural community. This society is strong connected to global cultures and business communities. Students to the tune of as many as 80,000 per year visit Holland for higher studies. International talent is more than welcome in Holland. Global students prefer the Netherlands for its high quality education. 

Why Study in Holland?

People from the Netherlands are an enterprising lot. You can travel just about anywhere from Rotterdam including London and Berlin. For those who want to explore the world and access all round education, Holland should be the prime educational destination. Moreover, people in Holland speak English quite well and students don’t need to speak Dutch well in order to study in this nation. Studying in Holland, it becomes useful for learning Dutch as part of the study programme and learning a foreign language also equips you to excel in the job market. 

Education in the Netherlands is all rounded and higher educational institutions have a strong culture for studies. Institutions offer amazing opportunities for academic activities, recreation and sports. All these associations are run by the students. Many of these student bodies are internationally oriented such as AIESEC and ESN or Erasmus Student Network. Dutch higher education community is deeply integrated within the society. Holland has over 1,000 museums and some of the world’s most well known art and culture centres in the world.   

Statistical Snapshot of Higher Education in the Netherlands 

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 In the year 2012-2013, The Netherlands hosted close to 90,500 students from global settings. Within the government sponsored programmes there were 43,500 students from the EU and EFTA nations namely Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Around 20,350 students were from nations other than EU and EFTA. Around 9,600 students arrived in Holland as part of the Erasmus programmes. 

Holland has close to 18,000 English medium study programmes in educational institutions, according to the official Dutch study portal, Study in Holland.  Remaining 17,050 students in 2012-2013 came from other programmes or followed only part of the study programme in this nation. Countries which had many students of international origin studying in Holland included Germany, China, Spain, Belgium and France. Popular degree programmes for global students include the following-economics, behavioural sciences, engineering and language plus culture.  


Holland is one of the top destinations for professional as well as academic courses. It is the perfect choice for those who want access to rounded development and education courses which are state of the art. The Netherlands is the leading destination for educational success and professional achievements. 
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